“Carrie Flanders is a true leader and advocate for the educational needs of children and their families. In 2017, I was proud to be able to recognize Carrie as one of the 29th Senate District’s “Women of the Year” honoring the outstanding women who have pursued their passions while enriching their community. Since then, Carrie and I have met regularly to discuss issues facing Brea Olinda.  Carrie has a unique talent for working well with all local, state and federal government officials regardless of party preference. Her collaborative skills, coupled to her commitment to educational excellence, make Carrie a strong leader for Brea Olinda School Board who is deserving of all of our support.”

Josh NewmanCalifornia State Senator District 29

We have known Carrie for over 10 years. Her commitment and dedication to our students and our community in general is nothing short of remarkable. Her experience as a current board member, an educator, a volunteer and a successful business owner more than qualify her to continue as a Brea School Board Member.

Carrie is currently the only board member who qualifies and subsequently been elected to the California School Board Association which gives Brea a voice at the state level.

We highly endorse Carrie and hope you will join us in voting for her this November.

Don Schweitzer – Former Brea Mayor
Janis Schweitzer

I have known Carrie for 8 years. During that time she’s met with me often to discuss the issues facing Brea Olinda. I know her to be a person who is passionate about the students she represents and advocates for their needs as well as for funding. Most recently Carrie pushed for state support of transportation funding. She works hard to find common ground among all political parties looking to find resolutions. Carrie is an effective leader and I support her whole-heartedly. 

Phillip Chen – California State Assemblyman 55th District

An exceptional, compassionate, proven leader. Re-elect Carrie Flanders.

Terry Swindle – Brea Resident

Carrie is the best choice for school board! She is passionate about our children, their education and Brea. Carrie commits herself to them every single day not only with her words, but by her actions. She is trustworthy, fair, strong, compassionate and, a person of outstanding character. Carrie listens and will make the best decision for our children’s education. In my opinion, she is the only choice!

Melissa Ciccone – Brea parent and Businesswoman

“I strongly endorse Carrie Flanders for the Brea School Board she demonstrates a high moral character and honesty. She has also been a teacher which makes her knowledgeable as to the challenges students and teachers face every day.

Carrie is also a Rotarian and I have known her for the past 8 years. I have had the privilege to work with Carrie on the Orange County Food and Wine Festival for the past 8 years as well as serving on the Brea Rotary Board together.

I find Carrie to be friendly, honest and she exudes positivity, and transparency. She is an analytical person and always tries to find a solution when there is a roadblock.

My grandchildren attend Brea Junior High and I have a personal stake as to how my grandkids are being taught. I have attended school board meetings and have witnessed that Carrie has the best interest for our children.”

Patty Rodriguez – Brea Rotary Club

“I have known Ms. Flanders since she was our now twenty year old son’s 1st grade teacher at Olinda Elementary school. Ms. Flanders has a passion for the education of our youth and is the perfect person to help guide our school district as a member of our school board. I have observed Ms. Flanders through the years, both in the community and as a school board member, and she ALWAYS takes the steps necessary to support our children, which is what any of us should be looking for in our school board members. Ms. Flanders is not some politician who will say what she thinks you want to hear to get elected. She only wants what is best for our children, our city and our school district and that is why Ms. Flanders will receive my vote. She deserves your vote too!”

Steven Mitchell – Attorney and Brea Parent

I met Carrie when she ran the very first time in 2014, my first impression was she was truly genuine, approachable, smart, cares about education and loves Brea.  I voted for her that year and was happy I did because not only was I right about my first impressions but she’s just an all around amazing human and has really made education part of her life. 

Carrie is an extremely hard worker and has done an excellent job advocating for what is best for the students of Brea!  I have attended many school board meetings and can clearly tell that Carrie does her homework and puts in a lot of time to get things done right.  She is a strong leader and always comes prepared with the right questions to ask to make the tough decisions. 

Carrie has been invested in Brea for years, she along with her husband have raised four extraordinary kids, 3 of which went through Brea Schools.  I had the opportunity of working with her on PTA at Brea Junior High along with many Rotary fundraisers where she is highly active. Carrie is not only organized, but she is the first person to raise her hand to help to get things done along with being a kind, honest individual who has a big heart! 

I highly recommend her for another 4 years on this board as our Brea Schools can’t afford to lose her!

Kevin Covey – Parent/Business Owner

“I enthusiastically and strongly support Carrie Flanders for re-election to the Brea Olinda School Board Trustee Area 1. As an educator and mother, Carrie will ensure that every child receives an excellent education. As a leader, Carrie will continue to make an outstanding Board Member and continue to be committed to maintaining and improving the excellence of BOUSD to benefit all students in the district.

Carrie and I met at the Rotary Club of Brea where she is the immediate Past President of the Club, As Rotarians, we have a motto of Service above Self and live by a four way test; first, is it the truth, second, is it fair to all concerned, third, will it bring good will and better friendships, and fourth, will it be beneficial to all concerned. I have known Carrie to demonstrate service above self and the four way test as it applies to Rotary in her daily life.

Carrie is professional, kind, compassionate, most importantly a woman of her word and true character. Carrie is a strong champion for students, she has my vote!

Maria Segovia

“I support and will vote for Carrie Flanders as school board member because I feel that she genuinely cares about our children. She has always shown herself to listen to the parents and make decisions that are fair to all concerned. Many parents in the community have faith in her that she will vote on what is right for our children, not what is necessarily popular or trending. She’s not a puppet to the state nor to the unions but an independent thinker.”

Sara Barnes-RamosBrea Parent, Brea Business Owner and Former Brea Planning Commissioner

I have known Carrie Flanders for a long while and she has shown me nothing but kindness. She has given me the opportunity to work under her at events she has hosted and has paid me for my time working at these events or has allowed me to use them as volunteer hours to complete high school. Her generosity in helping me to succeed and the kindness she has shown to the rest of my family shows that she is an excellent choice for school board.”

Austin Former Brea Olinda High School Student

Three words to describe Carrie: trustworthy, honest and empathetic. Our paths first crossed when she ran in 2014 and I wanted to meet her to find out why she wanted to be on the school board and what type of leader she would be as an educator. She proved to me then that she was the only candidate and she still is the ONLY choice for Brea BOUSD. I have watched her lead our district with success and resilience and her passion for education shines through. Carrie can be counted on as an advocate for the district, administrators, parents and most of all students. As a parent, I have attended many school board meetings and seen her in action and I know she makes decisions based on facts. Her strongest attribute is her ability to make informed decisions that benefit everyone.
As commissioner for Parks Recreation and Human Services for the city of Brea, I proudly endorse Carrie Flanders for School Board and know that our district will continue to move forward with her on the board!”

Joseph Covey – Brea Parent and City of Brea Commissioner

As a recent graduate and former student at Brea Olinda High School, I have seen and experienced Carrie’s compassion, leadership, intelligence and overall outstanding character that make her the perfect choice for Brea Olinda’s School Board in 2022. Carrie is a mentor and leader to numerous students like myself and cares deeply for Brea’s schools, kids and this community. Her kind, selfless and hard working character help get the job done and ensure success not only for the school boards but the students and schools she represents. As a former leader and member of the Brea Junior High and Brea Olinda High School Rotary Clubs, I’ve worked closely with her through service events like the OC Food and Wine Festival and have seen her leadership skills and determination in action. Carrie has been a mentor for me through several key stages of my school life and I can confidently say she is an outstanding, qualified and the perfect choice for the Brea Olinda School Board!

Dakota – BOHS Alumni

Having been a resident of Brea for over 30 years, I have been fortunate to call Carrie a friend for at least half that time.  I, for one, can tell you for certain that Carrie Flanders is the person who is beyond passionate, compassionate, loyal, caring and extremely hard working when it comes to the Brea Olinda School District.  She has my vote!!

Tammy TousignantBrea Resident and Parent

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