My vision for the BOUSD is to continue to move in the direction of 21st century education. We have the responsibility to
educate the Whole Child; one entitled to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. Here are a few fundamentals
necessary to achieve this vision:


  • Keep technology up-to-date and reliable
  • Prepare students for jobs we don’t know exist yet
  • Give teachers the training and supplies that they need to keep students engaged and interested in learning
  • Continue to improve transparency in the community by being approachable and genuine, keeping open lines of communication between the teachers, administrators, staff, community and the Board.
  • Making policies that meet the needs of our students
  • Be supportive of all stakeholders involved (teachers, parents, administrators, staff and especially our students)
  • Pursue plans to assure our campuses are safe and secure
  • Provide each child with a safe and respectful learning environment