Carrie Flanders, Governing Board President, BOUSD


It has been a privilege to serve as a Brea Olinda School Board Member for eight years; two as Board President and three as an elected member of the California School Board Association Delegate Assembly. Being a Delegate has allowed me to advocate specifically for Brea’s kids, giving BOUSD a voice in the decision-making and influence that CSBA has at the state level and working with board members around the state of California who, like me, put the kids first in every decision we make.

I believe that in order to be an effective leader, who makes informed decisions, it’s necessary for board members to participate in governance training. Voluntarily, I chose to further my depth of knowledge by taking Masters in Governance courses which have given me a better understanding of the Foundations of Effective Governance, Setting Direction, Policy and Judicial Review, Student Achievement, School Finance, Human Resources and Collective Bargaining.  These courses are what qualified me to be the only Brea School Board Member to become a Delegate.

Education is my passion! Starting my career as a teacher has given me an inside perspective. I believe the mental health and safety of kids is top priority. Students deserve to be “seen,” not missed, all while being supported and challenged in their education. I am a strong leader, working to keep our district moving forward, valuing input from you, the stakeholders, to assure we do right by kids.

I’m an active member of the community, serving as a past Planning Commissioner and PTO/PTSA President, Rotary President, Treasurer and Fundraising Chair. I’m currently a 10-year member of the Rotary Club of Brea, whose fundraising efforts largely support Brea Schools. I have received several recognitions for my work as a Community Volunteer. (See Experience Tab for more details.)

As a 39-year resident of Brea, my husband and I are products of BOUSD schools. Growing up in Brea has given me a historical perspective on the issues and values our community has faced (and is facing) in education, along with the understanding that as Brea is growing and changing, the needs of our students are changing along with it. We chose to raise our 4 kids here because of the special bond between the community and the people who work at Brea Olinda Unified School District, educating and caring for our kids.

I would be honored if you would support me with your vote, allowing me the opportunity to continue my commitment to serve Brea’s kids!